All CLUBS must pay an ECB fee of £10 per club (payable to YCA through the League in which the Club`s 1st XI plays).


Additionally each TEAM must pay a fee to YCA as follows:

1st team £9.00 and additional teams £11.00 per team

So that overall a club with ONE team pays £19.00, TWO teams £30.00, THREE teams £41.00 and so on.


The number of teams that must be affiliated is for the normal match day (ie the day the club fields most teams though where a 3rd Xl plays in a Sunday League and not on Saturdays this would make 3 team affiliations required).

The fee for nonleague clubs is the same.

Of the YCA element 20% of the fee goes onwards to the Area Cricket Councils


Payment is due and payable by 31st May of the current year and it is essential it is received by that date otherwise the YCA/ YCB loses its grant monies from national sources.

Attention is also drawn to YCA Rule 4.4  which will be strictly applied. Most importantly this means that clubs/ leagues whose fees are not paid by 31st May will have membership rights withdrawn. You are advised to check the full rule. Failure to pay affects insurance, grant rights and competition entries etc.

It is hoped that Leagues will collect fees from the Clubs who have teams playing in that league. By doing this en bloc the League ensures all are affiliated and thus the League itself is affiliated. The League thus becomes entitled to take out insurance cover etc and is a voting member of YCA

Failure by Leagues to collect enbloc means thst some of their Clubs fail to re-affiliate. This creates extra administrative tasks when Students in the Pathways Scheme or nominated to YCB Representative XIs are found, inadvertently, to belong to non-affiliated Clubs.

Clubs should only send fees direct when their league does not do so en bloc

All remittances should be made payable to "Yorkshire Cricket Association" and forwarded to the Membership Secretary, who is currently -

Derek Shuttleworth, 6 Whitehead Grove, Fagley, Bradford BD2 3NN (01274632933)

Leagues are asked to use the forms previously sent (or contact Derek Shuttleworth for further copies).

Where a Club is paying direct to YCA its remittance should be for all the teams it fields on its normal match day not covered by a league en-bloc affiliation and a statement indicating all the leagues played in should also be sent. Again a proforma has been sent to all clubs


In accordance with the constitution, unless a club gives notice in writing to the Membership Secretary not later than 31st October in any year a resignation cannot be accepted unless current and past obligations have been met.


Please ensure changes of secretaries and addresses are made promptly to the YCA Admin Officer. A form has been provided for this.

All necessary affiliation forms can be found by clicking here

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