Area Cricket Councils
There are nine branches of the YCA called Area Cricket Councils which serve as local forums and local organisers and these cover the nine areas listed below.
These nine bodies cover the whole of Yorkshire and it is hoped all Leagues and clubs are covered. If you do not appear to be covered by an Area Cricket Council contact the Chief Executive. Non-League clubs are also included within their appropriate Council who have been asked to ensure there is contact and assistance given where necessary.
The names of the Area Cricket Councils Secretaries are given below. For contact details, contact Howard Clayton or page 14 of the current YCB Handbook.
Bradford - Tom Priestley
Airedale Junior, Airedale & Wharfedale, Bradford, Bradford Central, Bradford Evening, Bradford Junior, Bradford Mutual Sunday School, Craven & District, Dales Council, Dales Villages, Upper Airedale Junior, West Riding Sunday Council, Quaid-e- Azam.
Doncaster - Graham Nurden
Doncaster & District, Doncaster Infirmary Evening, Mexborough Evening, Thorne Mid-Week.
East Yorkshire - Steve Heap
Beverley Evening, East Riding Independant, East Riding Sunday, East Yorkshire Cricket Alliance, Foss Valley Evening, Hull W S A, Newland Evening, N Humberside Junior, North Humberside Sunday, Snaith & District.
Halifax/Huddersfield - Malcolm Heeley
Halifax, Halifax & District Association, Huddersfield, Huddersfield Central, Huddersfield Junior, Huddersfield Under 13s, Huddersfield Under 15s, Saddleworth.
Heavy Woollen - Philip Akroyd
Batley & Dewsbury Junior, Central Yorkshire, Dewsbury & District, Heavy Woollen Junior, Heavy Woollen Cup, Wakefield Union.
Leeds - Jack Curtis
Airedale & Wharfedale, Dales Council, Harrogate Amateur Evening, Howdenshire Evening, Leeds West Riding, Leeds & District Junior, Millets Evening, Nidderdale Amateur, Osgoldcross Junior, Pontefract, Tadcaster & District Evening,   Wetherby & District, Whixley Evening, York & District Senior, York Vale, Yorkshire League.
North Yorkshire - Rob Wiltshire
Cleveland & Teesside, Cleveland Under 13s/15s, Darlington & District, Eskdale, Eskdale Junior, Esk Valley Evening, Feversham, Langbaurgh West Rural District, Middlesborough Midweek, North Coast Evening, Northallerton Evening, North Yorkshire & South Durham, Pickering Evening, Pilmoor Evening, Wath Junior, Wensleydale.
Sheffield - Pat Flaherty
Barnsley & District, Barnsley Junior, Bassetlaw, North Derbyshire, Norton & District, Rotherham & District, Rotherham & South Yorkshire, Selby, Sheffield Asian, Sheffield, Sheffield Alliance Midweek, Sheffield Junior, Sheffield W S A, Sheffield Indoor, Sime Memorial, South Yorkshire, Worksop Junior, Yorkshire & Derbyshire.
York & Scarborough - Albert Pattison
Pocklington Evening, Scarborough Beckett, Scarborough Evening, Ryedale Beckett, York Vale, York & Dist.Senior, Bridlington & Dist., Derwent Valley, York U16.