During the last 14 years the YCB has created and developed the BEM Participation Project. This has created many opportunities for BEM players and coaches. The Keighley Scheme uses the following example of good practice.

There are 5 primary schools and 2 comprehensive schools

The YCDO visits the schools and offers and arranges primary and secondary school INSET Courses

A Primary school Kwik Cricket Festival is held on club ground

The YCDO links with the local Cricket Club, PE Advisor and LA Sports Development Officer

The SDO will organise funding for a Kwik Cricket Festival etc and other events.

An “After School” Clubs  is formed

Schools hold meetings with the local Cricket Club

Schools link players to the Club

The Club ground is used for summer practice and coaching

Schools use the Club pitch for matches

Club personnel and parents attend coach education courses

Club coaches visit schools during school hours with YCDO

The Club offers Club membership

The Club holds meetings with the School and parents

A YCB BEM Development Centre is formed at the Secondary School

The Club run a YCCC “Enjoy Cricket” Centre

Support is sought/obtained from local leagues and media

The Club has access to YCB BEM Initiatives

The Club nominates players for YCB BEM Trials

Click here to be taken to the page dedicated to the YCB`s Black and Ethnic Monority Forum and here to view the details of the Board`s BEM Development Centres.

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