Child Welfare

       Child Welfare Policy  
 Bulletin 2      November 2003

ECB Child Welfare Update for Cricket Clubs

The full ECB Child Welfare Policy, entitled
“Safe Hands” is now available to download

Also available is the Appendix to the Policy,
The Welfare of Young People.

Be advised that the Policy is 54 pages long and the Appendix
40 pages long.

The Discipline and Complaints Procedure is also available.
This is 13 pages long.

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ECB Child Welfare Update for Cricket Clubs


The ECB Child Welfare Policy has now been launched and will protect young people and the adults working with them, so as to create a safe friendly environment. The Policy requires every coach or manager who has contact with children to be CRB checked (Criminal Records Bureau) and this will be a requirement from 1st January 2004. This will assist Cricket Clubs working towards Club Mark Accreditation and the Community Club Development Fund; it will also be a requirement of the new ECB Coach Licensing Scheme, which will be launched soon. As from September 2003 all coaches who are attending Level 1 and Level 2 courses will automatically undergo a CRB Check and it will be a pre-requisite before a certificate is issued.


  • The ECB Child Welfare Policy has now been published and is available on the Play-cricket website and on the YCB web-site (see above).
  • Club Mark Clubs and CCDF Clubs MUST adopt the ECB Child Welfare Policy. A promotional flyer and a Mission Summary Statement will be available to be put into the club’s constitution and Club Mark accreditation packs.
  • Club Mark Clubs and CCDF Clubs to appoint a Club Child Welfare Officer (CWO). A minimum requirement of this person is to attend a “Good Practice & Child Protection Workshop” and a 3 hour ECB Lead Officer Training Workshop. ECB require this information and will contact the clubs direct.
  • All coaches whether qualified or unqualified should complete a CRB Form. The ACU&S will CRB Check all their members in December 2003; however there should be an expectation in each county that they should comply with this. All other individuals who do not fall into either category should complete a Self Disclosure Form, which will be kept centrally by the Club CWO.
  • Clubs may loose Club Mark Accreditation and CCDF Funding if they don’t comply.
  •       All other ECB affiliated clubs are also urged to adopt the ECB Child Welfare Policy as
  •       indicted above including all County Cricket Clubs.
    • All ECB affiliated clubs are also urged to appoint a Club CWO. A minimum requirement of this person is to attend a “Good Practice & Child Protection Workshop” and a 3 hour ECB Lead Officer Training Workshop.
    • A Disciplinary and Complaints Procedure can now be downloaded from the play-cricket website and the YCB web-site (see above). The Club CWO is to be made aware of this.

    CRB Checks

    • CRB Checks are available for coaches (qualified or unqualified) who are working with children. The CRB Check is free for volunteer coaches; £29.00 for paid coaches (payable to ECB). A coach is deemed a volunteer if they earn under £800.00 p.a. from coaching. CRB Forms can be submitted from other individuals e.g. team managers etc. as long as they agree to complete them. CRB Check forms are available from the Lead Officers indicated below.
    • Overseas coaches can be CRB checked if they have been resident in the UK for 5 years. Coaches from South Africa, Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand, Malaysia or Europe who haven’t resided in the UK for 5 years can obtain an International CRB Check. CCB’s and clubs to contact Rebecca Ledingham re. this matter. Clubs and organisations employing coaches from countries not offering International CRB Checks do so at their own risk.
    • The ECB Welfare Officer is working on arranging agreements with Police in other countries.
    • Clubs and/or counties who take on overseas coaches on last minute contracts and have not completed a Criminal Records check do so at their own risk. It is in our interests to contact Rebecca Ledingham at Lord’s to see if we can get them checked.
    • All coaches attending Coach Education Courses (i.e. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 etc.) will be CRB Checked during their course. No certificate will be issued unless they are CRB “cleared”
    • Overseas Coaches attending L1/L2/L3 courses will not get their certificates unless they have completed an overseas check
    • Rebecca Ledingham will advise if there are any problems

    Proposed Roll Out Programme

    • October 2003
      • ECB Child Welfare Policy published 27th October 2003
      • YCB informs all Leagues and Clubs of the Policy and need to appoint Child Welfare Officers via YCB Mail out and YCB Website
      • YCB Lead Officers attend Child Welfare Tutor Training
    • 10th November 2003
      • Awareness session for YCB Board, YCA Council, YCBCA Committee, YSCA Officials
    • January-March 2004
      • Awareness sessions at league meetings
      • Each Club to appoint a Child Welfare Officer.
    • March/April 2004…onwards
      • CP&GP Workshop (3 hours) and C/W Club Lead Officer Training  (3 hours) for nominated Club CWO
    • April 2004
      • Policy operates in full for 2004 season

    The procedure may seem a little bureaucratic, but it is to protect everyone concerned (children, cricket clubs & adults). Thank you for your co-operation in the matter and if you do have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew or Ian as indicated below:

    North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire                                   South and West Yorkshire
    Ian Dews                                                                           Andrew Watson
    18 Littlethorpe Close                                                          8 Swinston Hill Road
    Strensall                                                                            Dinnington
    York                                                                                 Sheffield
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    Mob: 07976-788454                                                          Mob: 07966-173525

    Andrew Watson
    Ian Dews

    October 2003