Club Information

This new page has been set up to record all bits and pieces of information that YCB hopes will be of use to the Club Secretary.

All Club Secretaries are advised that the number of Club mail-outs will be reduced as a result of restricted finance from ECB.

The principal source of up-dated information for affiliated Clubs will be these web-pages in future.

Clubs are strongly advised to depute one Club Member to consult regularly the YCB web-site for up-dated Club information.


Anyone interested in learing how to use programmes such as Microsoft Word, Access, Excel or Powerpoint should contact Vicky Osborne on 0113-270-6262. This is free training arranged through Learn Direct


These are no longer available through the auspices of the YCB. Clubs wishing to install them should now contact ECB direct.


           It has been announced that the Government intends to accept the Lords Amendment to the Local Government Bill and introduce a clause, instructing Local Councils to award a mandatory 80% Rate Relief to Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs).

           To become a CASC, Clubs need to register with the Inland Revenue and complete a questionnaire from that august body. Of course, the down-side may well be that the Inland Revenue will choose one (or more) Clubs at random from these questionnaires to investigate more fully, but Club Committees must weigh the possibility of gaining a substantial rate relief against this possibility of financial scrutiny.

           The YCB recommends that you visit the Inland Revenue web-site at and go to the A-Z Index. Then go down the list to  Sports Clubs to see if your Club would qualify as a CASC.

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