Club/School Links


Traditionally, new junior members have been the sons and daughters of existing club members or cricketers. This is not a guaranteed source of new juniors and other sources should be explored.

Many Cricket Development Plans include proposals for club-school links. It could be argued that any club that has a young performer from a local school has established a link with that school. However, we feel that a more formal Club-School Link needs to be established to meet the requirements of the YCB and ECB Development Plans.

The Formal Club-School Link

To create opportunities for both parties to make the best use of all club and school facilities and to ensure and foster the development and participation within the game for the benefit of all, by bringing together all agencies including school teachers, and club coaches.

This will ensure the long-term future of the club and provide opportunities for all coaches to work under the auspices of the YCB thereby raising their profile. This will create better coaching opportunities in the local schools.


The format of a Club-School Link will be dependent upon the geographical location and target groups:

Black and Ethnic Minorities

Disabled Cricket

Inner City

Small Town


Women and Girls

The examples may include minority groups as indicated. Indeed the Club-School Link will create better opportunities for the “minority groups” by creating a “girl, black and ethnic and disabled friendly image” for the clubs. “The Link” will be introduced to special schools, day and resource centres.

Examples of good practice for each of the above 6 categories are on the sub-pages