County Pitch Advisors


There are now three ECB County Pitch Advisers in Yorkshire as follows:

Jonathan Smith (Keighley)  Lead Adviser

John Buddington (now based in Middlesbrough)

Alan Kettleborough (Worksop/South Yorkshire)

Their Roles

Act with YCB over Pitch/ Ground matters

Improve standards of pitches and groundsmanship

Site visits and advice

Ensure consistency of standards for Clubs

Disseminate relevant grant information

Publicise all IOG courses

Help produce Club Pitch Action Plans

Help form YCB Groundsmans Association


It has been agreed that the point of contact for the CPAs will be lan Powell, the YCDO with responsibility for ground matters

lan Powell, 5 Rosedale Gardens, Lingdale, Cleveland TS12 3EN Tel Office/fax 01287 659748, mobile 07976787965


Improving Surfaces Pitch Advisory Visits

The three County Pitch Advisers have all attended a one week ECB training course with a view to them providing pitch visits and advice to clubs.

Their intention will not be to criticise but to support and advise clubs and schools and groundsmen and help them develop better pitches.

There are two levels of pitch advice available


Assess condition of square

Ground cover desirable /nondesirable grasses, weeds, moss, pests etc

Depth of thatch, fibre levels, depth of root

Assessment of pitch maintenance equipment

Verbal conclusions and recommendations in a threefour hour visit

COST £75


 All the above plus

 Core samples and analysis

 Assessment of gradient and evenness

Report on outfield and practice areas 

Recommendations for immediate, short,  medium and long term in a formal Written  Report 

This level of report includes a follow up visit

Suitable for grant applications for new squares or renovation

COST £250


Nine YCB clubs will be recommended for the ECB Pitch Upgrade scheme in the next three years with the first batch already submitted, and, in several cases, completed.

ECB pitch upgrades involve a maximum cost to the club of £250 in Priority Ward areas and £750 in other areas. They essentially involve an initial £250 cost for the formal pitch report for all those selected by YCB to go further.

Details of this scheme and what is required can be obtained from lan Powell (see above) and the results of a Pitch up-grade at Clubs in Yorkshire seen here.


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