The Cricket Foundation

The Cricket Foundation is a charitable trust established to use some monies from the televising of the game as determined by the ECB for the development of cricket.

In the four year period up to September 2002, just over £18 million was put into the Foundation for this purpose.

The Foundation has determined the amounts for each County Board and the projects for which they are allocated

The Yorkshire Cricket Board received £131,000 from the Cricket Foundation for the October 2002 - September 2003 period. This is for development work with under19s age groups only and is specified by the grant application approval.

The Yorkshire Cricket Board records its thanks to the Cricket Foundation for their aid in developing Cricket in Yorkshire

Full Details of the Award are given below.

£76,000 goes towards the Development Officers salaries etc

£17,500 goes towards County Squad Coaching

£13,400 goes towards District Cricket

£5,850 goes towards Club Cricket

£1,100 goes towards work in Secondary Schools

£3,340 goes towards work in Primary Schools

£4,200 goes towards work with the Disabled

£6,600 goes towards work in the National Coaching Scheme/Coach Education

£3,000 goes towards various courses (Groundsmen, Umpires, Scorers)