The 5-year Development Plan 2001-2005


For Recreational Cricket and the Development of the Game 20012005

The new Plan builds on the previous 5 year Plan and its outcomes and on the format and aims of the ECB National Strategy for Cricket adapted to the needs of our county. It follows a countywide consultation exercise from March to November 2000.

The format of the plan is based on the pillars as agreed by ECB:

1)Primary Schools

2)Secondary Schools

3)District Cricket

4)Club Cricket

5)County Representative Cricket.

The final two ECB strands of First Class County Cricket and Test Cricket have not been included but separate sections for Coach Education and the Board itself have been added. Targets and actions for Women's Cricket, Disabled Cricket and the Black and Ethnic Minorities are included within the main framework.

It will be seen the main thrust of activity has moved from schoolbased visits (though these continue) to the exit routes into clubs and district cricket.

The full 82 page Plan was sent to all Leagues and associations, county bodies, area cricket councils and local authorities in midFebruary 2002. Cost prohibits it being sent to every club hence this summary but a stock is available from your Yorkshire Cricket Development Officer for clubs that need a full copy, perhaps for Lottery application development.


Primary Schools

Ensure cricket is incorporated and used in the National Curriculum

Maintain school visits at 280 per annum

Develop and promote Cricket in the Classroom at Headingley

Maintain and extend KWIK Cricket in schools

Increase Teacher INSET to 140 schools or clusters per annum with teacher curriculum packs

Double the number of visits to schools catering for disabilities to 24 per annum

Provide and enable the participation of girls in all projects with links to clubs

Continue to target areas with high BEM population concentration

Secondary Schools

Argue for the inclusion of sport and especially cricket in the National Curriculum

Maintain school visits at 60 per annum with schemes of work and links to clubs

Pilot and promote Inter Cricket

Produce support/ information packages for examination courses

Increase Teacher INSET to 30 schools/sessions per annum

Provide and encourage the participation of girls

Increase the visits to and participation of disability units in schools

Continue to target areas with high BEM population concentration

District Cricket – Participation

Creation of District Development Groups

Aid the development of area open coaching schemes especially at Under 9 and Under 11

Increase the development and participation of all disability groups

Increase the participation of and courses for girls

Maintain the participation schemes for BEM communities

Towards Excellence

Rationalise present district squad systems and target weaker areas

Develop district squad/team activity in defined areas of need

Develop more Disability tournaments and squads

Extend the numbers of girls in Development Centres with district teams

Maintain present and add further Development Centres for BEM cricketers

Club Cricket Club and League Development

To aid clubs initiate and develop junior sections through advice packages

Develop clubschool links and exit routes from schools to clubs

Use Active Sport to establish 20 focus clubs by Year 5

Develop the Womens` club game

Develop facilities and opportunities for disabled cricketers

Promote racial awareness throughout the county

Target all clubs with junior sections to have qualified coaches at Level 1

Work with ACU & S to increase the numbers of qualified umpires and scorers

Encourage Clubs and Leagues to develop towards a Premier League pyramid

Volunteer Support

Increase club affiliations by 15%.

Disseminate grant and insurance information to all clubs

Develop club management expertise through volunteer support courses

Double the present number of groundsmanship courses

Improve discipline by issuing a code of conduct, improving disciplinary proceedings including those involving racial abuse

County Representative Cricket ~ Pathways To Excellence

Continue and develop the Pathways to Excellence scheme initiating a core syllabus and adding additional centres

Develop more specialised coaching and onetoone sessions

County Teams

Maintain all current youth age group teams

Maintain and develop womens youth age group teams

Continue and develop participation in the Disability County Championship

Coach Education

Consolidate and increase the number of Level 1 courses targeting club players, teachers, women and providing for BEM cricketers and Disabled players

Target specific Level 2 holders to qualify up to 3 per annum at Level 3

Provide grant aid to all courses/candidates as financially possible

To integrate Yorkshire branches of ACC into a YCB Coaches Association and maintain and improve the present levels of communication

County Board

Develop further the coordination of the Constituent Members of the Board and SubCommittees and ensure all target groups (Women, Disabilities and BEM) are fully represented and integrated.

Publish a Facilities Plan by March 2001 incorporating the extension and development of current facilities.