Disability Forum

If any Club Official, having read the following summary of the YCB`s activities for Disabled people, feels that s/he can offer his/her Club`s facilities for any of these activities, then please contact
Howard Clayton



YCB along with the Federation of Disability Sports Organisations (Yorkshire) formed a Cricket Forum for Disabled People in March 1997.

Its role is as follows

1)To increase disability awareness

2)To increase participation of and opportunity for disabled people in the game

3)To establish a forum for an exchange of views


a)From the Yorkshire Cricket Board

Stuart Hodgson (Forum Chairman)

lan Chappell (YCB Secretary) 8 Gledhow Court, Gledhow Lane, Leeds LS8 4NL Tel/ Fax 0113-237-4614

Eric Chadderton


County CDO (Disabilities) lan Powell (Tel 07976-787965) and Andrew Watson

c)Federation Disability Sports Organisations

Gary Morgan FDSO Unit 9 Longlands Industrial Estate, Milner Way, Ossett WF5 9JN Tel 01924-279305

(Fax 01924-280232)

d)Blind/Visually Impaired

Tariq Ahmed and Darren Bates

e)Deaf/Hearing Impaired

Les Townsend (Forum ViceChairman), Mick Towler and Terry Spivey

f)Physical (Ambulant)

James Rossdale and David Mawson


Charlie Butcher, John Wallbank and John Smith


"The Yorkshire Cricket Association, Yorkshire Cricket Board and their member organisations are committed to include Disabled People in the game of cricket as players, officials, coaches and administrators. The Board and Association expects Leagues, associations and clubs to adopt this policy and to put into practice policies to achieve this end.

Disabled people include blind people and the visually impaired, deaf people and the hearing impaired, people with physical disability and people with learning disability."


This includes:

a)Coaching for blind cricketers

b)Coaching Award courses for Deaf Cricketers

c)Coaching of Deaf youngsters in schools

d)Table Cricket

e)Courses for Deaf umpires and umpires for the blind game

f)Activity days for schools with youngsters with physical and learning disabilities

g)Development of coaching cards for those with learning disability

h)The Disability County Championship

i)The Final of the County Championship for Cricketers with Disabilities