Disabled People

The YCB has instituted a Disabilities Forum. Following a pilot scheme in Sheffield, this example of good practice is now currently used throughout the county.

The YCDO links with the Local Authority Disability Officer.

4 Special Needs Schools are targeted (various disabilities)

The YCDO meets with the Schools separately

The YCDO observes one PE Lesson per school

Disability Cards are produced

The YCDO carries out more School Visits

The YCDO arranges INSET Courses

The YCDO arranges a cluster meeting with the four schools afterwards for feedback

The YCDO links with the local Cricket Club (Sheffield United)

An Activities Day for the 4  schools is planned at a Cricket Centre or Club (indoors/outdoors)

The Activities Day is repeated for the 4 schools

The Schools feed a Disabilities Club Centre  which utilises the Cricket club

The Disabilities Club forms a team

The players feed the Yorkshire Disabled team

The Club encourages Blind Cricket and Deaf Cricket clubs to play matches on their ground

The Club hosts a YCCC “Enjoy Cricket” Centre

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