Inner City

An inner city area may consist of a large number of primary schools and possibly two comprehensives, which will link to a club. The inner city area may have several clubs and it is possible that these clubs may be some distance from the schools. Upper Haugh Cricket Club uses the following example.

There are 7 Primary Schools

There is 1 comprehensive school (with Sports College Status)

The YCDO carries out primary and secondary school visits

The YCDO arranges primary and secondary school INSET Courses

A Primary school Kwik Cricket Festival is held on the Club ground

Club Junior Members give Kwik Cricket Demonstrations at Headingley

The YCDO links with the local PE Advisor and LEA TOP’s Support Officer and the Club

Secondary School PE Staff link with personnel form the Club and the Headmasters of the Primary Schools in the local Cluster

Primary and secondary “After School” Clubs including Kwik and Proficiency Awards are formed.

Primaries use secondary school facilities (indoor and outdoor)

Schools link players to the Club

The Club ground is used for summer practice and coaching

Schools use the club pitch for matches (The Club has a Non Turf Pitch)

The Secondary School organises and hosts courses for both LEA and the community.

The Club uses the secondary school indoor facility for coaching

The Club`s coaches visit schools during school hours (primary and secondary)

Club personnel and parents attend coach education courses

The Club attains the goal of 4 qualified coaches

Community police involvement (participation and funding)

More advanced coaching takes place in the secondary school sports hall

Support is obtained from local leagues and media

The above initiatives greatly enhance the parties`’ applications for funding.