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All Lottery applications have been frozen until the Regional Sports Board has been formed. New application forms will be available. The estimated time for these changes to be operative is early 2004. If clubs are looking at Lottery applications, they now have some time to prepare a properly thought-out Development Plan, which must be rooted in the YCB Development and Facilities Strategies

To download the YCB`s National Lottery Fact File or the Club Development Pathway or the Club/School Link Booklet, click here

Pre-Lottery Advice


Andrew Watson


The Community Projects Capital Fund may give priority to projects that:

Benefit young people

Serve areas of high socio-economic deprivation or encourage participation by sections of the community that are under-represented in sport, for example women and girls, BEM, disabled people

Adopt a partnership approach, fully including all appropriate organisations, individuals and sports networks, including, for example, schools

Are rooted in a sound sports development plan i.e. Cricket Development Plan

Have already been prioritised within a strategic plan, or for example that of a national governing body of sport (such as ECB or more locally, the Yorkshire Cricket Board) or within the sports strategy of a local authority.

Value for Money

The Community Projects Capital Fund is obviously under considerable pressure, its funds being insufficient to meet the many applications it receives. For this reason, your application should demonstrate good value for money, by balancing the amount of money you ask of the fund against the sports development outputs and outcomes you will realistically be able to deliver as a direct result of any award that may be made to your club.

Match Funding

Consider where and how you are going to raise the money needed to put into your project to match fund the proposed award at the earliest opportunity. Be realistic in your expectations and check that your information is accurate.

Sports Development

Sports development must be central to your project and you should clearly demonstrate how you would increase participation in cricket (players, officials and administrators) and in particular, for key target groups such as young people, women and girls, BEM, and people with a disability. The YCB Club Development Pathways should help you with this. The Yorkshire Regional Training Unit also offers “Running Sport” workshops and these can be tailored to your needs. Ring 0113-283-1763 for more information.


Detailed design drawings are not required at stage one. However, you may find it useful to refer to the guidance notes “Pavilions and Clubhouses” whilst developing your project.


In developing any lottery applications, it is advisable that you contact and work closely with:

Sport England (Development Managers)

Local YCDO

Local Authority Managers/Sports Development Officers/Community Development Officers

Local Education Authority


The YCB Fact File - National Lottery Applications

This new process commenced during October 1999

Up to 65% Lottery Funding

Up to 90% Lottery Funding within the Priority Areas Initiative (PAI) – check with Sport England (SE) or the YCB for more information on these PAIs.

At least £5,000 capital cost

How much is the project worth? How much are we putting in? How much do we want from the Lottery?

Partnership funding required – cash (not “in kind”). Early planning is essential

Capital Projects (e.g. New facilities, up graded facilities, major equipment, land purchase)

Revenue Projects such as Awards for All and Active Communities Development Fund (e.g. coach education, small equipment, coaching schemes, club/school link schemes,  promotional activities aimed at attracting people from target groups into cricket)

Phase 1 and the “Intent Form”

Ring National Help Line for pack (08457-649649)

Fill in and send Intent Form back to Sport England in London

Outline development plans needed

Potential of Project

Registration reply from Sport England within 4 weeks with support and contacts and possible meeting with Sport England

Contact YCDO for advice on your Club Development Plan

Contact your Local Authority (LA) – e.g. Amenities, Recreation, Education etc

Fill in application form for phase 1 including “Making your Case”

Outline planning permission (no great detail)

Indicative costings/estimates only

No detailed business plan is needed at this stage, but you must submit what deficit/surplus would be expected after 1 year with a concentration on the potential of the project

You must cover target groups: young people, women, disabled, black and ethnic

minorities, socially and economically deprived as outlined by ECB, YCB and Sport England

You need to fit YCB/ECB Development Plans/National Sports Strategy

Consultation Forms to be sent to ECB

The YCDO needs to meet the applicant to complete ECB form and send report form back to ECB

ECB report/reply back to Lottery through consultation form

Sport England to meet applicants if necessary. (YCDOs and LAs could also be involved)

Sport England will prioritise

Decisions then made at national level through Case Officers to National Awards Panel within 16 weeks.

Phase 2

Completed forms and agreed Action Plan. Action Team formed. (e.g. Applicant, Local Authority Sports Development Officer, YCDO, SE Reg. Staff)

Planning approval


Outline of project brief

Partnership funding (match funding crucial… no insurance money!)

Development/Business Plan and timetable agreed with Sport England

On going assessment

Local development plans/Sport specific development plans

Match funding crucial. The Foundation for Sport and the Arts could be used (although they have to be told); Coalfields Regeneration Trust

Recommendations to the National Panel. Timescale will vary according to complexity of scheme

Rejection will be explained and applicant referred to other grant bodies where appropriate

Please consult your local YCDO for advice


YCB Fact File - Awards for All Applications

What is A4A?

National Lottery small grants scheme to fund projects that help local communities enjoy sports, arts, and heritage.

Simple, quick and straight forward process

Applications can be submitted at any time

Decision within 12 weeks of application

Money must be spent within 12 months of the award. so you need to know exactly what you want.

Applications can come from Cricket Clubs, voluntary groups/organisations that have a constitution and annual accounts. Schools can apply but are encouraged to link to out of hours or sports clubs

Clubs with income of less than £15,000 will be given priority

Clubs with income over £15,000 can apply but must demonstrate a clear financial need.

All clubs are eligible, but priority will be given to clubs in deprived areas who are seeking to develop programmes for young people.

Minimum Grant £500……………Maximum grant £5,000

No direct financial partnership funding required

Contributions “in kind” must be demonstrated


Extend access and increase participation

Support community activity

Increase skills and creativity

Improve quality of life

Making a difference

Long term benefits

A good application will show an understanding of sports development. Sports Development is about building a project that can grow and act as a catalyst. A forward thinking application will look to building networks of people and places so that it can be sustained and attract further interest.

High Priority - new clubs

Existing clubs without development plans/schemes could be low priority.

Therefore please produce a development plan – your local YCDO could help with this. He will not write it for you but will offer a template to which to work.

Non-Turf-Pitches on the square and for practice areas with netting are now on stream. However this must be part of a development programme designed for the target groups given below

What sort of things can be funded?

Team kit - Only for new teams

Sports Equipment – Only as part of a development scheme/plan aimed at the target groups

Coaching/training sessions (e.g. payment of facility etc)


Coach Education

ACUS Courses/IOG Courses and other relevant training courses

Publicity materials

Start up costs

Volunteer expenses

New programme

Mowers, rollers, nets, non-turf pitch

Activity programmes – Festivals, Holiday Courses, Kwil Cricket and Proficiency Awards

Small capital projects – these can be funded where planning permission is not required and the direct benefit to development of priority groups can be clearly demonstrated.

What won’t be Funded?

General running costs for a current activity

Council Tax and utilities

Loan Payments

Personal Kit and equipment


Activities promoting religious beliefs

Second hand vehicles

Foreign trips and retrospective funding

Grounds maintenance equipment

Target groups

Young people

Women and Girls ………….starting a section

Socially and economically deprived

Black, Asian and other Ethnic Minorities

Disabled including children with Learning Difficulties

Are you in the Running?

Name of Group

How would you best describe your group and what it does?

What is your group’s project or idea for a project?

How does it involve people from priority groups?

If it doesn’t, how could it be adapted to increase their involvement?

If known, list the specific items needing funding and estimate cost


Are we eligible?

Does our project involve priority groups?

Are the items we need likely to be funded?

Are they within the £5,000 limit?

Have we allowed at least 3 months between receiving the expected funding and starting the project?

Well….Are you still in the Running?

Does our project support community activity?

In what ways will your project benefit the local community ?

Does our project extend access and participation?

How will your project provide more opportunities for people to get involved ?

Does our project increase skills and creativity?.

Eg. Will your project improve the performance of those participating or will the grant pay for training to help those instructing ?

Does our project improve quality of life?

How will your project give more opportunities to people with disabilities or improve the quality of life of others involved ?

Does our project aid cricket development?

A MUST !!! But is it in line with the YCB Development plan ?

The Waiting Game

All decisions are final from Sport England

Once Awards for All has been paid a grant it is not committed to giving any more funding for the project.

Government Policy and rules on distributing lottery funds can change. A4A may alter its policies, processes and assessment criteria.

A4A may ask for more information about your project or group if required.

Call … 0845 600 2040 for an application form

Please also refer to the ECB Publications “Developing your Club – sources of Grant Aid and Cricket Funding for a Cricket Club” and “Marketing your Club”

Second only to football, cricket to date has received 458 successful awards totalling £1,439,934. In this total, 42 awards have gone to Yorkshire totalling £133,213.

However the rejections are double the national awards given and treble the regional awards.


To download the YCB`s National Lottery Fact File or the Club Development Pathway or the Club/School Link Booklet, click here

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