Programme 2003



The Yorkshire Cricket Board through the District Cricket festival are hoping to give youngsters a further chance to display their talent and to realise their potential. The matches will play a part in the county selection procedure at Under 13 level

Concept of District Cricket

The concept of District Cricket for those at sub-county level is an outcome of the Pathways to Excellence scheme on the road to county representative teams. The District Cricket Working Party of the Board believe there is a significant gap in quality between the cricket played by both the YSCA schools areas and the Lords Taverners Junior Cricket Festival in its 17 areas on the one hand and the county teams on the other.

In 2003 the Board is running District Cricket in the last week in May as a means of filling this gap, providing an outcome and talent platform for young players and serving as a trials system for county teams. It will operate for Under 13s in 2003 with a later intention to spread at least to Under 15s

 It will provide a progression  

From Area Teams Season 2002 and Pathways Centres 2003 

To District Cricket May 2003  

To County teams 2003 and Pathways Centre promotions 2004

All participating players will receive a certificate on the final day


6 Areas will be operated:


Local Authorities

East Yorkshire

Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire ( less Craven ), City of York, Middlesbrough, Redcar/Cleveland

South Yorkshire East

Barnsley, Doncaster

South Yorkshire West

Rotherham, Sheffield

West Yorkshire East

Leeds, Wakefield

West Yorkshire West

Bradford , Calderdale, Kirklees, Craven

These have been based on demographic and geographic considerations

Area Organisers are



East Yorkshire

John Fishwick  01482-783625

North Yorkshire

Adrian Grayson     01677-422918

South Yorkshire East

Eric van Oorschot  01302-534490

South Yorkshire West

Jack Bethel  0114-288-5459

West Yorkshire East

Brian Calverley  0113-277-1977

West Yorkshire West

Geoff Barnard  01484-604588


There will be 2 groups:

A North Yorkshire , East Yorkshire , West Yorkshire East

B West Yorkshire West , South Yorkshire West and South Yorkshire East






Tuesday 27th May


North Yorkshire

East Yorkshire

Clifton Alliance



South Yorks East

South Yorks West


Wednsday 28th May


East Yorkshire

West Yorks East

Beverley Town



South Yorks West

West Yorks West

Upper Haugh

Thursday 29th May


West Yorks East

North Yorkshire




West Yorks West

South Yorks East

Mirfield P C

Friday 30th May


Winners Group A

Winners Group B




Runners Up A

Runners Up B




3rd Place A

3rd Place B


The Winners Finals will be played for the Stan Clayton Trophy


Match balls ( 4 ¾ oz) are sponsored by York Wanderers Cricket Club and will be provided prior or at the first match. Managers should provide suitable spare balls

In group matches the home side must provide and pay for teas for match officials, ( 2 umpires, 2 scorers and 2 team mangers) and up to 15 players a side. On the final day the Festival’s host club will provide the teas paid for  by YCB

The Yorkshire Cricket Board through Cricket Foundation grant funding are providing £100 towards the costs of each match for the provision of meals and travel. Each district should expect to receive £140 for their home match teas, and two away travels prior to the competition

Selection Guidelines

District squads of 14-15 are expected with all boys to play in 2 of the 3 games. It is expected really talented under 12s can be selected. Nominations for squads will normally come from the most talented Under 12s of the previous year in the schools areas and those Under 12 who showed potential in the previous years Under l3s Lords Taverners Festival. However boys of sufficient talent outside these squads should also  be considered as will those who showed potential at the January-March Pathways Centres

Boys from Cleveland will be considered for North Yorkshire if they fit one of the qualifications below

District qualifications

1. Basic qualifications for a district are one of the following:

  • Born in the District
  • Resident in the District
  • At school in the district *
  • Playing at a club in a District *

2. * The above qualifications can be varied by the written agreement of both Districts concerned

3..It is hoped all selectors aim to give the maximum number of boys an opportunity to play in the festival. It is therefore hoped there will be no conflicts over District qualifications.

4. In the case of any conflict then the District of residence ( by Local Authority) will be paramount..

5. Players may only play for one District in any one year.

6. Players must also be eligible for the ECB County Board Under 13 Competition.

Playing Conditions

1 Duration of matches Under 13 Competition

All matches shall commence at 1.30pm.
(b) Each match will consist of a maximum 40 overs per side. The side scoring most runs will be declared the winner
(c) Each bowler shall be limited to a maximum allocation of 8 overs in the Under 13 Competition.

2 No match in any section of the Competition shall be played when a minimum of 20 overs per side is not possible. If rain interrupts a match, then the resumption shall be the responsibility of the umpires and team managers. It is up to the umpires and team managers to decide how many overs, if any at all, should be deducted. It should always be the object to play as many of the allocated overs as possible.

3 Umpires

The home side shall provide two qualified umpires  (ACU&S). Team Managers or Coaches are not permitted to umpire. The umpires , who shall not coach, shall have the sole control of playing conditions except as outlined in 1 above.

4 Interruption by bad weather

 If any overs are to be deducted, then it shall be done at the rate of one over every three minutes lost.

5 Scoring of Points

Points shall be awarded as follows:-

Each win 6 points
Each tie shall be 3 points to each side
Each draw shall be 3 points to each side
Each loss shall be 0 points
(A draw shall be deemed to exist if each side cannot bat a minimum of 20 overs)

Incentive points shall be awarded as follows

Each and every run scored = 0.01 points
(Eg 175 runs = 1.75 points)
Each and every wicket taken = 0.2 points
(Eg 7 wickets = 1.4 points)

6 Age Qualification
Players eligible to play shall be Under 13 at midnight on 31st August of the previous year.
The age of any player in the competition shall be the age of that person at midnight on 31st August of the previous year. This affects the rules relating to overs a bowler may bowl and regarding fielding restrictions

7 Fielding Restrictions

No player under 13 years of age, excluding the wicket keeper, shall be allowed to field closer than 11 yards from the middle stump at the strikers end, except behind the wicket on the off-side, until the batsman has played at the ball. Should a restricted player come within these distances either umpire must stop play and insruct the offending fielder to move to an acceptable position.

8 Pitches

Pitches in the Under 13 Competition shall be 21 yards in length

9 Helmets

All players MUST wear a helmet with faceguard when batting or when keeping wicket stood up to the wicket. The only exception to this is where a player is unable to wear a helmet due to a headdress being worn for religious reasons. In this case the player will only be allowed to play without a helmet if a signed parental disclaimer form is shown to both umpires prior to the start of the game.

10 Fast Bowling Directives

In all games in the Competition the E.C.B. Fast Bowling Directives for Matches MUST be applied.

Team Managers must inform Umpires of any player playing above his/her age group. These players will only be allowed to bowl the number of overs allowable in their own age group.

The Laws of Cricket (2000 code) shall apply EXCEPT that the awarding of  penalty runs shall be confined to

Law 41.2 Fielding the ball illegally
Law 41.3 Ball hitting the helmet placed on ground by fielding side


Match results must be sent in by telephone with accurate scores immediately by the home side organizer after the match to Philip Radcliffe 01274-420551 or 07740-853047

On the Thursday evening he will inform organizers of their Friday venue.

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