The company, based locally in Guiseley, are pleased to offer customers the opportunity to reduce their gas and electricity bills and, at the same time, donate 10% of their savings to the YCB for its Junior Cricket activities.

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           The Pathways to Excellence Scheme is an amalgam of the Winter Coaching Schemes, previously run by the Yorkshire County Cricket Club, the Yorkshire Cricket Association and the Yorkshire Schools CA. The amalgamation took place with the advent of the ECB and the Yorkshire Cricket Board on 1/1/97 and was designed to be the sole recommended path to the top of the Cricket ladder for the best young players from all areas of the old three Ridings in any one year group.

           All Students in the Scheme are under 19 years of age on 1 September of the previous year.

           The Scheme runs as follows.

           Level I Students are those now contracted to the Yorkshire CCC, either on Scholarship forms or with the Academy.

           Students at Level II (A) are at the former Centre of Cricket Excellence. These Students are those whose next move will be to a contract if they are good enough. They have perhaps played for England Schools or for Yorkshire at U17 level in the Texaco County Championship.

           Students at Level II (B) are at the former Regional ATCs. These are often the very best of the younger crop. They will probably have played for Yorkshire Schools or the YCA U16 XI.

           Students at Level III are those who have just come to the attention of selectors for various regional representative sides, such as Bradford or Leeds Schools, or in the Lords Taverners tournaments at either U13 or U15 level or who are on the verge of such selection. Some may have played for Yorkshire Schools (A or B XIs).

           The vast majority of Students enter at Level III, at one of seven coaching Centres aimed at this level.

           If a Student shows exceptional promise, he can be fast-tracked to the next level, or up two levels in extremely rare cases.

           The courses do not simply cover net practice, although this is part of the syllabus. Specialist batting, bowling and wicket-keeping coaching is available. Physical fitness is also introduced to these youngsters and professional warm-up and warm-down movements are taught.

           The best Students from all levels are invited to extra nets at the Yorkshire Cricket School in mid-week during the Winter months under the tutelage of the County Club`s own Coaches.                                                                                                         


WHOLE SCHEME SPONSORSHIP – The whole Scheme costs approximately £32,000.00 per year to administer. Student fees total some £12,000.00. If a Company would come in with an offer of that magnitude, the YCB would be prepared to sit down with representatives of that Company to sort out what benefits would accrue to the sponsors.

A NEW CENTRE - The Development Plan includes the need to develop a new Womens` Development Centre in East Yorkshire. The cost for this facility would be some £3,000.00

           Alternatively, we need a third 2B Centre to cater for Students moving up from Men`s Level 3(A). We currently have two 2B Centres and something of a log-jam for promotion can occur.

           The cost of such an initiative would be similarly £3,000.00

PURCHASE OF NEW MATS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT FOR ALL CENTRES - Any funds achieved through sponsorship could easily go towards up-grading all or some of our existing equipment. A new mat costs in the region of £700.00.        


         On the Staff of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club are the following Players, all of whom have come through the Pathways Scheme.

           Matthew Hoggard
           Richard Dawson
           Anthony McGrath
           Ryan Sidebottom
           Chris Silverwood
           Michael Vaughan

           In addition,  Paul Hutchison , who has recently left  Sussex CCC, Ian Fisher (Gloucestershire CCC) and James Middlebrook (recently capped by Essex CCC) are all fo

           Matthew Wood., Gary Fellows and Simon Guy are all former Students as well.


The YCB U17 XI takes part every year in the Blue Riband event of the ECB`s Development of Excellence programme.

The National U17 County Championship is the main market-place where every young Cricketer who wants to make it into the 1st Class game MUST play.

County Coaches follow every game and the Final, a 2-Day game on a 1st Class ground, always attracts several from Counties not actually playing.

Click here to see previous YCB successes at this most prestigious event

The U16 XI, used as a proving ground for the U17s the following year, and the U19 XI also have regular fixture lists. There is also now an Under 21 XI to be considered as well.

Click here to see the YCB`s considerable list of success at these age groups.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Howard Clayton
 at the YCB Office.

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