The Board

The Yorkshire Cricket Board was formed on 23rd April 1996 as part of the re-organisation of English cricket following the decisions to establish what is now the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

The Executives of the YCB are Secretary/Treasurer Ian Chappell and Administrative Assistant Howard Clayton
Please contact either in the first instance.

The Board has defined its role as a Management Board rather than a Representative Board. Click here to see the current list of Yorkshire Cricket Board Members

The YCA now has a reduced role in the running of the game in Yorkshire but still remains as the only channel through which Leagues, on behalf of their Member Clubs, can express themselves, most notably at the YCA AGM, which is held every February.

The Board is now responsible for all Sub-Committees, which oversee the organisation and running of the Board`s activities

The Yorkshire Schools Cricket Association, Yorkshire Womens Cricket Association and the newly formed YCB Coaches Association run in parallel with the YCB, each maintaining their own area.

As part of the Yorkshire Cricket Boards 5-year Development Plan and application to the Cricket Foundation for grant aid, four County Development Officers were appointed with effect from 1st October 1996. Their contracts were initially for three years and have been renewed to October 2003.

Local matters are covered by the Area Cricket Councils and can often be the first point of call for queries or problems.

Parents are strongly advised to ensure that any courses on which they send their sons/daughters are operated properly. You can check this by contacting the relevant Area Council Secretary or the relevant County Development Officer.

Those establishing courses may wish to seek advice from the YCA Chief Executive
(Ian Chappell) on these issues.