YCB Constitution
The Yorkshire County Cricket Board (The Board)
To promote the game of cricket at all levels through partnership of the professional and recreational cricketing bodies and other appropriate agencies within the county of Yorkshire
3.1)To apply for membership and become and be a member of the England and Wales Cricket Board Limited (ECB) and to exercise, fulfil and exploit all rights, responsibilities and opportunities therefrom.
3.2)To recognise the continuance of the responsibilities and functions of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the Yorkshire Cricket Association working under their respective rules and constitutions and subject thereto to be responsible for the organisation of cricketing activity and the development of cricket generally within the county.
3.3)To co-ordinate the work of all the differing individual cricketing agencies within the County ensuring that adequate channels of communication are in place and that the best possible use is made of the resources available
3.4)To prioritise the implementation within the County of the various aspects of National, Regional and Local Development Plans.
3.5)To represent the County in the formulation of National and Regional  cricketing policies and the implementation thereof within the County.
4.1)The first members shall be the Yorkshire County Cricket Club,the      Yorkshire Cricket Association, the Association of Cricket Coaches and    the Yorkshire Schools Cricket organisations.
4.2)Any other organisation interested in the organisation ,development or promotion of Cricket or an aspect of Cricket at any level within the County shall be entitled to apply for and become a Member upon such basis as may from time to time be determined by the Board and if such basis includes conferring a vote upon any Member or other change in     these rules as may be agreed by the first Members.
4.3)Menbership shall be open to all, irrespective of age, disability, race, origin, colour, social status and sexual orientation.
5.1)The affairs of the Board shall be managed and all rights and       responsibilities of the Board shall be exercised and performed by those specified in 5.2.
[PROVIDED THAT if and so long as the Board is a member of ECB and under the Articles of Association of ECB has a right to cast a "B" vote at any general meeting of ECB, that right shall be exercised only in accordance with such directions as may from time to time be received by the Board from the Yorkshire County Cricket Club and in the absence of such directions as a majority of the members of the Board nominated by the Yorkshire County Cricket Club shall determine]
5.2)The composition of the Board shall be:
(A)Five members nominated by Yorkshire County Cricket Club.
Five members nominated by Yorkshire Cricket Association.
One member nominated by the Yorkshire schools cricket organisations One member nominated by the YCB Coaches Association.
One member nominated by Yorkshire Womens Cricket Association.
(B)A Chairman  nominated by Yorkshire County Cricket Club from the Board (A) for a two year term of office
(C)A Vice-Chairman nominated by Yorkshire Cricket Association  from the Board (A) for a two year term of office.
(D)A Treasurer appointed annually by the Board from its members (A)
5.3)Each such member of the Board (13) shall have one vote. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.
5.4)Ex-officio or co-opted non-voting members may be invited to attend on the Board but only by a decision of the Board.
5.5)A nomination of a member of the Board shall be effective if and when received in writing by the Secretariat
5.6)The Board may establish such Sub-Committees as it shall from time to time think fit and to delegate to them such functions as it shall from time to time determine.
5.7)The March meeting of the Board shall constitute its Annual General Meeting
6.1)A Secretariat with representation from each of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the Yorkshire Cricket Association will be established as determined by the Board.
6.2)Minutes of all meetings shall be produced and made available to all   appropriate bodies.
7.1)The Board shall procure that proper accounting records be kept of all transactions, assets and liabilities which shall give a clear and accurate view of the affairs of the Board.
7.2)Signatories to accounts shall be four members of the Board , two out of four to sign.
7.3)The financial year shall end on 31st December each year
7.4)The accounts for each year together with auditors report thereon shall be available for the scrutiny of the Board and of the Members no later than 28th February of the following year.
7.5)The auditors shall be appointed by the Members
8.1)The Board shall meet at least four times a year.
8.2)A quorum shall be not less than one-half of the voting members of the Board
8.3)Reasonable notice ( normally 21 days) of meetings of the Board shall be given to each member of the Board. Dates should normally be agreed at the previous meeting.
The Board shall furnish an annual report to ECB in such form as ECB may from time to time reasonably require.
Alterations to this constitution may only be made by a two-thirds majority of the voting members of the Board.
NB. This constitution was unanimously approved by the Board at its inaugural meeting on 23rd April 1996 and amended on 12th March 2001.