The YCB Coaches Association
Following the end of the Association of Cricket Coaches on 31st December 2001 and the creation of the ECB Coaches Association , the YCB has established its own Coaches Association as required by ECB. The ten branches in Yorkshire of ACC will become the 10 branches of YCBCA each with a representative on the committee
It is not expected that Coach members of YCBCA will notice much difference
YCBCA Committee

Chairman and Delegate to YCB -
Stuart Anderson
Vice-Chairman - Philip Akroyd
Secretary -
Richard Horner
Treasurer -
Ian Chappell
Branch Secretaries

Calderdale -
Mr D.Hall
Cleveland - Ian Powell
East Yorkshire - Peter Todd
Harrogate - Michael Eggleton
Heavy Woollen - Peter Morris
Huddersfield - Stephen Mitchell
South Yorkshire - Mark Beckles-Wilson
West Yorkshire - Ralph Middlebrook
Wetherby - John Leadley
York - Bob Paddison
YWCA - Jan Tedstone

For contact details contact
Howard Clayton or Ian Dews


1. Aims
To promote the development of coaches and of cricket throughout the county
2. Objectives
2.1)Membership of the ECB Coaches Association
2.2)Responsible to YCB for Coaches Association organisation
2.3)Participation in and implementation of ECB and YCB Development Plans
2.4)Represent the Coaches Associations in the formulation of Board policy
2.5)Responsibility for the organisation of  Coach education , coaching activity and the       development of cricket
3. Membership
3.1)Branches of ECB CA in Yorkshire  [ currently  Calderdale, Cleveland, East Yorkshire,         Harrogate, Heavy Woollen, Huddersfield, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Wetherby, York &      Scarborough] .
3.2)All bona-fide members of ECB CA and members of the branches of YCB CA
NB Branch members who are not ECBCA (ACC) members will remain members of YCB CA for a 6 month period to June 2002 only after which they must become full members of ECB CA to be members of YCB CA and its branches )
4. Committee Membership
4.1.1)Chairman  appointed by YCB (normally the YCB CA representative to the Board)
4.1.2)Vice Chairman appointed by YCB /YCA
4.1.3)One representative from each Branch in Yorkshire of ECB CA
4.1.4)One representative from YWCA
4.1.5)Secretary appointed annually by the YCB CA (and approved by YCB)
4.1.6)Treasurer appointed annually by the YCB CA (and approved by YCB)
NB YCB Coaching Sub-Committee also includes one YCDO, one from YCCC, YCB Course  Co-ordinator who may attend as observers on matters concerning YCB CA
4.2)Each member shall have one vote with the Chairman having a casting vote
4.3)Ex-officio or co-opted non-voting members may be invited to attend by the decision of the Board
5. Roles
5.1)To link YCB and the Coaches Branches
5.2)To elect a representative to the Board of YCB ( at the first meeting in any calendar         year)
5.3)To organise an annual meeting of YCB CA coaches [at the Regional Coaches Seminar )
5.4)To meet quarterly
5.5)With the YCB Coaching Sub-Committee to co-ordinate Coach Education policy
Act as a Forum to enable branches to air their views
5.6)To co-ordinate all branch activity
5.7)To communicate regularly with Branches
6. Meetings
6.1)The quorum of Committee meetings shall be 5 branch representatives plus two officers
6.2)An Annual  Meeting shall be held in November at the Regional Coaches Conference but with each Branch having one vote [interim reports and accounts will be tabled]
6.3)An annual report and accounts will be published with the YCB Annual Report
7. Finance
7.1)There shall be a separate ring-fenced account in the YCB accounts
7.2)Signatories as shall be as per the YCB
7.3)Annual accounts shall be published within the  ring fenced YCB account
7.4)50% of monies received from ECB shall be paid to the Branches on a pro-rata member basis. This apportionment may be varied by the Board
8. Constitution
This constitution shall be agreed by the Yorkshire Cricket Board and may only be altered by it.